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Kicked Out of Virtual Comfort


I’ve lived my entire professional career in the virtual world.  Job interviews over video conferencing.  Client requests through instant message.  The final product was always a web site, software, the […]

I'm a Mac and I'm a PC

My Apple Story


To get ready for my next meeting with TDIC, I made a presentation of bag ideas on my Mac.  All my work for Alesya Bags would be done on an […]


Working From Home: Luxury or Liability?


I’m worried about working from home.  Going to the office is my idea of fun.  I like the camaraderie, getting dressed up and leaving the distractions of the house. But […]

Straps from L.L. Bean

Straps from L.L. Bean


As a follow-up from my strap post, here’s an interesting video from L.L. Bean.  It’s about the construction of their iconic bag – the Boat and Tote.  Notice how the […]


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