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Lipstick Jungle vs. Cashmere Mafia: Shows that split ratings and both lost.  I still miss the clothes.

Elegant Mafia


It’s time for a review of my goals and I asked my coach, Jackie,  to send over a list of the subjects we covered during our very first coaching session. […]

One of the pages I

Part Two: Library Information


My second reason for going to the library was more conventional.  I needed manufacturing information. After reading the a post in the Biz Ladies section of Design*Sponge one of my […]

1950's Promotional Map of Charleston, SC

Library Inspiration


I love libraries.  The quiet.  The order.  Being able to physcially find the answer.  Having a guide you can ask almost any question.  Perfect. (Well, if they would let me […]

Go Daddy

Go Daddy: Not Just Sexy Superbowl Ads


I purchased over a year ago.  It was a symbolic move and I didn’t want to deal with someone cyber-squatting like they are at To buy my first […]

Birthday Flowers

The Year of the Launch


Today is my birthday.  As you get older, it’s less about cake and presents and more about reflecting on what you did in the past year.  I’ve found that if […]

Carriage and Horse in Downtown Charleston

Shopping Local


Shopping locally is more popular than ever.  Growing environmental and economic concerns have folks especially interested in supporting local businesses. In Detroit, shopping local means owning an American made car. […]

Paula Creamer

Birkin Boom


Traffic to this blog has doubled in the last few days as people search for the Hermès Birkin Bag.  Phrases like “hermes birkin” and “birkin bag” are dominating my search terms. […]

The Desk in my unfinished office

The Beginning of an Empire


We moved.  Sitting at my new desk I’m surrounded by a box of curtains needing to be hung, a mirror propped up against the wall and a stack of warranties. […]


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