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cnet review

How Do You Handle Product Reviews?


I need some advice. Since the bag has launched, I received review requests.  Not from any big sites like CNET or Engadget, but from bloggers.  Of course, being a blogger […]

Tory Johnson's Spart & Hustle

Spark & Hustle – Day One


Last week I attended Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle in Atlanta.  Here were my highlights: Tory First of all, she looks just like she does on TV.  Flawless skin, perfect […]

Alesya Bags British Tan

Wanted: Alesya Bags College Ambassadors


Good Monday Morning! I’m looking for a few college students to give an Alesya Bag to – for free.  If you think you’d love a bag or know someone who […]

Search for Alesya on Google

Google+ To Influence Search?


For the last few days I’ve been testing out Google+.  On the site there’s a lot of chatter about what Google+ is, how it works and how it compares to […]

Messy Desk - Alesya Bags

Fuck It


I’m sorry to tell you, that is my desk.  If you look closely you’ll see two sample Alesya Bags, a parking ticket, receipts that need to be filed, DVDs from […]

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes


Now that you’ve seen all the bag photos, here’s a full look at what happened during the first photo shoot. Here we are in downtown Charleston setting up the product […]

How’s It Going?

How’s It Going?


That’s been the big question on everyone’s mind – “So you launched this thing, how’s it going?” Sales I’ve sold a handful of bags every day since the site launched […]


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