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A lot of the time, my kitchen looks like this.



I don’t know if you noticed, but the Internet is really keepin’ it real lately.  Bloggers, instragrammers and writers are raising the white flag and saying “Hey, my life isn’t […]

Fall 2012 Surprise! Alesya Bags

Fall 2012 FAQ’s


Time for some frequently asked questions about the new line!  These came from the Alesya Bags Facebook page. Timing – The shipping company is running behind from their original timeline.  […]

My parents with my daughters Maribelle Cynthia and Dorothy Lee

Alesya Opelt Is Not My Name


My name isn’t Alesya Opelt anymore.  My married name is Alesya Macatol, but I continue to use Alesya Opelt professionally.  People always assume it’s for because I’m a feminist.  I […]


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