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Congratulations!  You’re officially behind the scenes of Alesya Bags.  You’ll learn about progress, failures and interesting details in between.  Bag specifics are often revealed and your requests are required.   And YES, it comes in black.

Beyond the business, we’ll also discuss ways to make you successful in your line of work.   By work, I don’t mean only your career.  It could also be your mission to cure cancer, campaign for mayor or your pioneering efforts have a second language taught your in local school.  It’s your work – the thing you can’t wait to talk about in mixed company with excited urgency.

Your input via the Alesya Bags Tribe (aka our Facebook Group) lets us share tips, hacks and advice.  While I love a catchy slogan, preference will be given to tactical advice with real life relatability.  Read: if you’ve found a no fail way to get a email answer or the best mascara for long plane trips please share.  We all need the help.

If you’re not a reader, but you’d still like to follow along you can listen to the posts on The Power Lunch Podcast.  Not an exact reading but darn close.  You’ll also find quick moments on Instagram stories and Twitter.

You’ve been called up.  Welcome to the big leagues, I’m damn glad you’re here.  We might not have uniforms, but your official bag is coming soon.


About Alesya 

Alesya Macaol

Back from a hiatus, Alesya Macatol is the founder of Alesya Bags – stylish laptop bags for women.  The company started because her old laptop bag always ruined her power look while climbing the corporate ladder.  Now the bags are a symbol of hard working women everywhere.

Since 2010, four lines of bags have sold out and been carried all over the world.  Bags have been featured on The Today Show, in Charleston Magazine, MSNBC and most importantly, on women Alesya’s passed by on the street.

Previously she was VP of Marketing for ePrize, the world’s largest interactive promotion agency headquartered in Detroit.  While there, Alesya worked with the best people, ran a summit in Las Vegas, renamed a street and opened the office in London.  She also spent time at a search engine in Silicon Valley (yep, it’s like the show) and majored in marketing at Western Michigan University.

Alesya and her husband Josh currently live with their two daughters in Charleston, South Carolina.   If you need restaurants recommendations visit Eater CHS.  Meanwhile you’ll find Alesya at Leon’s Oyster Shop with the girls, Blondie’s Bagels for coffee or The Dewberry for a celebratory drink.

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