Out of Necessity comes Invention...

Alesya Opelt, Founder

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In my career, I’ve worked for tech companies—my first job was for a Silicon Valley startup and later VP of a digital marketing company. Like you, I had invested in my wardrobe (ahem!), but always felt the clunky masculine laptop bags on the market totally undermined my look.

Revisiting my first true love of fashion, I took a deep breath and began the Alesya Bags journey.

After much research and development (under the category of “What Women Want”) the first bags were born in 2010, putting style first, with organized, accessible storage a close second.

Since the launch, the Alesya Bag has made waves not only in the U.S., but across the globe! See what others are saying on our Press page, and put your arms around a smart, stylish bag today. (You might even give it a smitten squeeze!)


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