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We’ve all had days where we wake up and feel like our well of ideas has run dry. Or your to-do list is too long and you feel like there’s no time to come up with a marketing bolt of genius for your company. Let this site be your spark!

Here, you will find one new marketing idea each workday for you to use.  Quick and smart.  Read it while eating salad at your desk.  We discuss all matters of branding, public relations, sales, advertising, e-commerce, social media and events.  You’ll also find trend spotting and business gossip.

Start with the first post.  Use the ideas to be a rock star in the office.  Send me a drink as a thank you.


We love to feature successful marketing experiments, how you got those rave client reviews, impressive numbers and Instagram results and the talented people behind them.  I’m in this to help marketers earn promotions and paychecks.  Hot tips are welcome via email or on Twitter.

About Alesya 

For the last eight years I ran a laptop bag company.  The details of why that ended are here.  Could the bags make a comeback?  I’d never say never.

Before the bags I was VP of Marketing for ePrize, the world’s largest interactive promotion agency headquartered in Detroit.  We had all kinds of fun – worked with the best people, ran a summit in Las Vegas, renamed a street and opened our office in London.  I also spent time at a search engine in Silicon Valley.  (Yep, it’s like the show.)   And of course, I majored in marketing at Western Michigan University.

My husband Josh and I currently live with our daughters in Charleston, South Carolina.   Our girls, Maribelle and Dorothy Lee, love creating online and like to be involved with the site.  For years I didn’t put them here out of fear.  But after watching them on YouTube and, I believe learning about business, writing, film, photography and online etiquette is a very good thing for people of all ages.


Each quarter I take on a limited number of clients.  Fair warning: I’m dangerous with a white board.  Inquiries welcome or connect on LinkedIn.

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