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BRAND: Alexa


Before jumping into our marketing idea, a huge thank you for your responses to my last Alesya Bags post about why I’m taking a break from the company.  It was difficult to write, harder to publish and I was taken aback with the reaction.  I’m replying to  everyone and have teared up with many of your messages.  Thank you, thank you.



Last night we were rooting for the Eagles – mostly because Tom Brady went to Michigan.  The game was excellent but I was there for the ads.  If you’re in marketing in any way you must at least watch the recap – these are trend setting moments for decades to come.

The Alexa ad was my favorite.  Even though Hannibal Lecter still scares the crap out of me.

IDEA: Poking Fun at Voice Command Culture

Don’t be distracted by the celebrities.  Look at the core messages:

  • Alexa gets sick and the whole system goes on the fritz.
  • Amazon knows you secretly ask questions that make you feel a little stupid.
  • You’re scared you’ll say something to trigger an embarrassing response back.
  • Sometimes you ask a question, don’t get the right response back and then aren’t sure if you’re supposed to talk again or the machine is just thinking.  And then the whole cycle starts over.
  • It’s scary how much Alexa knows about us.

The Lesson:  Even Jeff Bezos knows voice commands are now part of our culture, but we don’t have the technology *quite right* yet.   We’re talking into devices and crossing our fingers.

Did you see the after game spot?  Again – look at the message.  To life’s really important questions there isn’t a right answer.


  1. Our local radio station Mix 95.9 introduced Sassy Siri.  Answers, but with attitude.  If Siri had the real answers your clients wanted, what would she sound like?  Would she even be a she?
  2. SNL came out with their own ad for Amazon Echo Silver targeting the senior citizen population.  If you had your own Echo for clients, what would she say?  Mine would sit on the stairs and tell the girls to go to bed five times and then really mean it on the sixth.
  3. Part of the reason we love our iPads a little too much is our 5-year-old can use it independently.  Often we’ll hear her yelling things like, “FIND PLAY-DOH VIDEOS.  No, PLAY-DOH.  THE ONE WITH THE ICE CREAM MAKER.”  If your product is for kids what kind of questions would the parents hear them asking?  Maybe your doll house can mysteriously show up at thousands of homes too.
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