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Despite my desire to be cool, that CarMax guy (Andy Daly) cracks me up.  Just seeing his optimistic face makes me happy.  This spot with his kids – the daughter in the glasses! – especially makes me nod with understanding.  I mean, where’s the arms full while answering emails emoji when you need it.

IDEA:  Show Understanding

The commercial could simply say ‘Carmax saves busy people time.’  But they do so much more.  Carmax talks to parents directly to say ‘Our service is for you’.  Look at all the places the intended audience could recognize themselves:

  • Dog owner
  • Plastic car pusher
  • Baby carrier
  • Multiple children wrangler
  • Dry cleaning errand runner
  • Birthday party planner
  • Grocery shopper
  • School volunteer
  • Diaper bag lugger
  • Overwhelmed parent
  • Assistant coach
  • Quality time finder

The narrative especially rang true at our house on Friday.  After my daughter Maribelle (8) tested positive for Flu B, then we couldn’t get Dorothy (5) to stay awake.  So I found myself ‘back at the doctors office’ with a diagnoses of strep throat, a prescription for amoxicillin and a girl who clearly needed popsicles and a balloon.  Yea kids!

How You Can Use This Idea

1.  When you client shows up to your office what do they look like?  Think about what they are carrying, wearing and doing.  Put those details in your photography.
2.  Empathize with a problem.  If you’re a cleaning service for busy professionals, don’t just post pictures on social media of a sparkling kitchen – show a well dressed person rushing out the door ready to tackle the day while their home is in your capable hands.
3.  Think about the time of year and what else your client has going on in her life.  A garden center could show their spring flowers with family walking up to your home for Easter dinner or a graduation party.  And man, your father-in-law is really impressed with your beautiful yard.

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