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BRAND: Jump Rope for Heart


Since my oldest daughter Maribelle (pictured above in the back) was five she’s participated in Jump Rope for Heart.  It’s a program that encourages physical fitness and raises money for the American Heart Association.

It’s especially important to her because as a three-year-old she was diagnosed with atrial septal defect which is hole in your heart.  Her heart was repaired, but she’ll always have a patch over the hole.

IDEA:  Clear Messaging

While I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared, Maribelle’s sign shows an excellent grasp of several marketing theories.  It could just say LEMONADE but she’s got all kinds of sales tactics:

  1. A large, eye-catching lemonade in a heart icon draws you closer.
  2. Right away you see a happy client testimonial.
  3. The sizing and pricing is crystal clear.
  4. Descriptive adjectives – fresh, homemade, good and cold – tells you all reasons to purchase a glass.
  5. Then she really hits you with the charity close.

Results:  $481 raised for the American Heart Association


  1. Post reviews in your store window next to the menu/hours/fanciest dress.
  2. Show clients exactly where to park.  Don’t let a customer leave because you’re so popular they can’t figure out where to go.
  3. For kids especially an icon or illustration is important.  All the beach stores we past last summer said “FIDGIT SPINNERS HERE” on the marquee.  We stopped at the one who hung up a photo of the toy.

And oh yes, Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you’re a florist, candy shop or card maker I hope today makes your Q1.

PS – You can read my most embarrassing Valentine’s Day here.

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