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2014 Bag Details


You have questions about new bags, I have answers about new bags.  Let’s jump right in.

Q:  When will new bags be available?

A:  New bags are scheduled for Fall.  This means you’ll see them in late summer and most likely August.  If you want to know the moment they are available, please sign up for the Wait List.

Alesya Bags Women's Stylish Laptop Bag

Q:  Will there be new colors?  Will Black By Popular Demand be coming back?  What about Heavy Metal?

A:  While I haven’t made any decisions on other colors I can tell you Black will be BACK.  Women who frequently fly need a bag that hides stains – even the ones you get from putting it under the seat in front of you.

It’s fairly unlikely you’ll see Heavy Metal again this season.  As far as as other colors, please keep pinning your suggestions on Pinterest.  I’ve been surprised by some of your choices, but I love seeing every single one.

Q:  What color will the lining be?

A: While I don’t know yet, I can promise you it will NOT be black.

Q:  Will the design of the bag change?

A:  Yes!  But I’m not sure by how much.  Features I’m considering include:

  • A crossbody strap
  • Lighter overall weight
  • Change in the way the laptop is inserted
  • Easier access for file folders

The goal of any change would be to help you get to your destination stunning and impossibly fresh-looking.

Carrie in Paris

Q:  Will you make a fabric or vegan bag?

A:  This one’s a real head-scratcher.  While I do think a fabric/non-leather bag is in the future, I’m having a hard time reading if there’s a real need or demand for it.  Ask me again tomorrow and I could have a totally different feeling.

Q:  Is there a way I can get a sneak peek?

A:  Shhhhhh…I often leak details prior to launch on Facebook and Instagram.  You MAY also see some hints over on Pinterest.  See you there?

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