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2018 Muses


I’m not officially working on a new bag line.
But if I were working on new bags I’d love to share updates with you.
Since we’re friends I’m confident you catch my drift.
Awesome, I knew you’d get it.

While planning a photo shoot I’m toeing the line between relatable, inspirational and editorial.  The tear sheets/pins fall in these three categories.

Always love the Week of Outfits feature on Cup of Jo.  But Nicole Bruno’s feature felt extra right.  Relatable in a this is my best self way.

Photos via Cup of Jo

Thought I was the only one and then starting reading the comments.  This is how I often feel too:

And I was thinking the same:

Then readers really went bananas:

Stylist Ayoka Lucas was the first to share this Gucci runway image on my feed.  My initial reaction – “This is a step too far.”



But then editor/writer Erin Perkins shared this garment bag and I started to get into it.


And then I wanted to see more and ended up really loving this baller bag.

Photos via Vogue Runway


Yesterday this was the Hermes ad in New York Times Style Magazine:

Ah-ha!  Editorial and inspirational.  Plus it left me wanting this bag.  Goldilocks.

As we move closer to fall I’ll be sharing more posts like this.  Unofficially.  In the meantime send me your photo shoot inspiration.  I’d love to see what you pull for your own company.

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