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Alesya Bags Returns


Happy Halloween and welcome back!  It’s a gorgeous day in Charleston and fun time to relaunch our journey.  Much as Mary Poppins herself is returning, Alesya Bags are flying in too.  I’ll share more of my reasoning to return next month, but for now I’m just happy to be here – umbrella AND bag in hand.

New bags are scheduled for a July 2019 release.  There will be a new design with elements you may recognize from previous collections.  The bags will still hold laptops and be held by women who do great work.

Starting today I’m officially sharing the process.  This is the behind the scenes of a growing business.  The good, the bad and even the – gasp! – unIstagramable.  Some updates will be longer like today, while others will be short.

Besides here on the blog there are new ways I’ll share progress:

  • Instagram Stories – In the moment real talk available here.
  • The Power Lunch Podcast – Sick of reading?  You can now listen to the blog here.  (Yes, even this post right…now.)
  • Facebook Group aka Alesya Bags Tribe – You are the ones the make this journey worthwhile.  The best feedback and advice I get is from you.  Now can share it with one another.  Color requests welcome and a giveaway coming tomorrow, Thursday, November 1st.

As always, new product images and specific details will be released via email.  Before any new bag goes on sale you’ll see it at least 24 hours earlier in your inbox.  Sign up here.

Thanks for enjoying a spoonful of sugar with me.   It’s critical to have these fun days.  I’ll be raising up a glass or two with anyone who’s willing tonight.  But then it’s time to roll up my sleeves.  The countdown to new bags starts now.

If you want to listen to this blog, rather than read it, you can!  Subscribe to The Power Lunch on iTunes here

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