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Bag Update – No Change


Many of you have been asking and here’s the update on the bags.  There is no update!  (Now you can stomp your feet along with me.)  The bags are still with the customs officials.  Here’s my official status:

Dear: All
U.S. Customs TIU officer “Jae” T: 562-366-5803 Recall this entry for Exam

Not much to go on right?  As my friend Shameeka would say – *le sigh*.

As for me, I’ve been in my hometown for two weeks helping my parents.  If I can say anything good about the delay it’s allowed me to be in Michigan without too much trouble.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on any progress.  Let’s hope for some positive news shortly!


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2 Responses to “Bag Update – No Change”

  1. Rosanna Appelt says:

    mmaaannn — you got me with the tag on this one. i got ALL excited. boo, Customs.. boo.

  2. Cara says:

    I literally gasped when I saw a blog update. ::shakes fists at customs::

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