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But What About the Old Colors?


Alesya Bags - Fall 2011Yes,the launch went well.  But as with all big product debuts, there are issues.  (The iPad?  That sounds like a feminine product!  Good times.)

The biggest question/complaint I had was “Hey!  I thought you were bringing back the old colors too!  What the heck?”  There were nicer versions of this sentiment, but you get the idea.

So why don’t I have more colors?

Each time I create new bags, I have to place a minimum order.  This time it was at least 200 bags per color.  Next time around the factory is telling me the minimum will be 400 bags per color.

It’s expensive to order bags.  I have to pay for them all up front, plus the shipping, plus the customs.  While I hope I can have a rainbow of colors in stock at some point, that point isn’t today.  It’s just part of growing a business.  I just can’t afford to have a ton of bags in stock.

Alesya Bags Black By Popular DemandFrom a marketing perspective I messed up the messaging.  While I was selling the Fall 2011 bags I kept saying “Once these bags sell out they are gone for good!”  In fact, I said it so many times I got sick of it.

But what I didn’t release was there was a large group of clients who discovered the bags after the first group sold out.  So they didn’t ever hear this messaging and were understandably confused when the new bags came out.

Alesya Bags Leather SwatchesThe new colors were picked because YOU asked for them.  I must have had over 100 requests for a black bag.  (That’s why it’s named Black By Popular Demand.  Fancy, right?)  The Heavy Metal was inspired by clients who said “We need a metallic!” and by a bag my mom carries.

From the emails/tweets/Facebook messages it seems like there are two camps – clients who like neutrals and clients who crave color.  Which side do you fall on?  Maybe you have one foot on each side?

I read and consider every request you send me.  So please, keep them coming.  ~A

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22 Responses to “But What About the Old Colors?”

  1. Marisa says:

    Love the pewter bag but count me as one of the ones who thought there would be other colors. I fell in love with the purple and the green ones from your previous sale. I was thinking I’d see some bright colors this time around. No worries though, and thank you for the explanation, and I hope that you make enough money / your business soars so that you *can* have a bunch of new bright colors sometime soon!

    • Alesya says:

      Thanks for letting me know Marisa! The eggplant was the most popular color the first time around, so you’re not the only one who liked it! I really had fun with the Kelly Green too.

      Yes, I hope so too. Another option would be if a large retailer wanted a certain color. I have a few samples ready of “other”…BRIGHTER colors should that happen.

      Either way, there will be different colors this spring. But happy to hear you love the pewter bag now! It is what I carry.

  2. Karin says:

    So I was one of the people who were confused. 🙂 I thought all colors were coming back, plus two new ones. I typically go bright for a bag (I have a thing for orange, teal, etc) however, was pleased to see the metallic option as I think you can still have a lot of fun with it. I was actually planning on ordering two once I saw what the new colors where- the green and then the metallic. I went to purchase the morning they went on sale and that’s when I discovered that only black or metallic were available. I ordered the metallic and should get it soon and I can’t wait! This also means I can look forward to another purchase in Spring if there are brigher colors then. Totally understand the inventory restrictions. Thanks for creating such a fun, cool product- I’ve been looking for a bag like this longer than I care to admit!! Good luck and I hope you see continued great success.

    • Alesya says:

      Hi Karin! Thanks for raising your hand. I really appreciate hearing this kind of feedback. It makes the messaging and the bags better next time!

      Can’t wait for you to get your bag either. I hope you have a great time with it. I’d love to see what/how you style it so be sure to send me a photo!

      Thank you for the kind wishes. Hopefully we can continue to grow the company AND the bag selection.

  3. Carrie says:

    Having followed your blog and Twitter since not long after your first line debuted (a dear friend landed the equestrian tan) I knew that the original colors were not coming back. I was in the midst of a job change during the first line debut and subsequent sell-out so I couldn’t justify spending the money at that time. However, I knew I loved the bag and had promised myself I would splurge this time around. I waited eagerly for the new colors to debut and would have bet money in Vegas there was going to be a black. But honestly, based on your first line colors, your sample board, and your Pinterest inspiration board, I figured the second color would be either more vibrant or a rich, Fall color (deep red, burgundy, etc.) keeping in line with your debut bags. So I was disappointed when the colors were released and I was so very wrong on the 2nd color. I think the hardest thing for you as the entrepreneur and writer of the checks and holder of the debt is making these decisions and knowing not everyone will be happy, yet trying to find something that will make everyone happy so you can sell your current inventory and invest in future inventory. As I wait for my perfect Alesya bag color (sorry, it isn’t either of the current two) I will continue to champion your bags and wait on pins and needles for the next line which I selfishly hope, will have more fun, yet still professional colors included. Please continue sharing pictures of those who bought the bags as I enjoy seeing you report on people who do love these two colors and style them perfectly around their wardrobe. Thank the Lord we aren’t all alike and can enjoy different styles, textures, and colors. It makes the world a fun place to be.

    • Anne says:

      I completely agree with Carrie. She said everything I was thinking and experiencing myself. I was hoping for another fun color to go along with the predicted black. I am more of a color girl and wanted something that POPPED and made a statement. I wanted my bag to stand out for more than just being a great bag, but also being an amazing standout color too. I am really excited about the upcoming spring colors and releases, and will eagerly be waiting to hear and see them when they come out. I love seeing and reading about current purchaser’s excitement as they are starting to receive their new bags and styling them to their needs. One day I too will be doing just that!!! 🙂

  4. Color! I can buy a black leather bag anywhere. And though your design is savvy and smart, design plus color really makes it an irreplaceable piece.

    I don’t know your demographic inside out, but I would assume that they’re fashion conscious and not afraid to forgo the boring, corporate look for a splash of color. Especially now, when work places are getting increasingly casual or, at the very least, allow for more interesting attire.

    Personally, I’m holding out for a 17″ laptop bag. Color wise? A red, yellow, turquoise, or brighter purple – any one of those would be my dream bag.

    I do like the metallic one, though. It’s shiny, which is fun 🙂


  5. Shannon says:

    My story is similar to Carrie’s. I prefer bags in bright or rich colors. While the metallic is nice I find the black too plain for me. I will be holding out for the spring colors to add to my collection. I am hoping for turquoise. 🙂

    • k says:

      Another person who was hoping for some color. I found this website in December 2011. I wasn’t able to buy a bag at that time, but bookmarked it. When I was ready to buy a bag in April, I was sad to see they had all sold out, and started following much more closely waiting for the new ones. I had assumed the old colors were coming back, plus there’d be new colors.

      Because I’ve held out for so long in anticipation for fun colored, beautifully designed laptop bags, my current laptop bag is gross now, and I can’t wait any longer to upgrade. I am torn between getting a bag here in the design I love but a color that bores me, or a bag in a color I love, but a design that bores me.

      I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait for the day your business is successful enough that I can buy a great bag in the color I want when I need one. 🙂

  6. Sulamita says:

    As one of the later wave, I didn’t get the message that the old colours would not be back, and I was disappointed because I wanted a Tan. But thinking it through, now I’m even more excited because I can influence the new colors! I love deep colours – red, purple. To be honest, the first colors would not be my favourites, they were different but light. But I really love the design and as a woman who have to carry her laptop anywhere and everywhere, I all sold by a beautiful design with the laptop protection. And I wanted a black one too, because since I love red, I have many red itens that need to be balanced. So with my red leather or wool overall, the Black by Popular demand is perfect.
    And I know you didn’t ask, by my kind of colour from your palette would be 6, 14(***)-16, 20. I agree with Anne, I would like something that POPPED. Burgundy, deep purple, deep blue… But I know those are more winter than spring colours, so I am prepared for yellow, light green and so on 🙂

  7. Julie Ann says:

    You did clear up the confusion for me….I was one of the many who discovered you just a couple of months ago. It was no competition – the Heavy Metal was my choice (don’t care for boring black.) I love your idea of presenting fun colors in the Spring and neutrals in the Fall….makes sense to me! My fantasy Spring bag will be a light turquoise leather with dark pink interior…..mmmmmmk?
    p.s. LOVE my bag – just got it… to follow 🙂

  8. Caity says:

    I love nuetrual personally. I think it would be awesome for a chocolate brown with a coral interior next. Or the other way around if everyone wants fun bright colors. I think those 2 colors go well together. Can’t wait to see what you come out with next 🙂

  9. Shleee says:

    I didn’t buy a bag this time around because there were no other colors, sorry!

  10. sarah says:

    I really missed seeing the more colorful options and purchased the black because it is classic and will go with everything, not to mention I had just purchased a metallic bag a few weeks ago. The black will be great and looking forward to the spring colors, too!

  11. Susan says:

    I was also in the camp that was hoping for one of the old colors to come back (was planning on equestrian tan). Would absolutely love a true camel with a brightly colored lining (I like the neutral exterior/fun interior combo). As a fairly small person (5’1″, 105 lbs) who always carries very small laptops and is afraid of being overwhelmed by giant/heavy bags, I’d love to see a bag for 13″ laptops too!

    In any case, what you’re doing is wonderful and can’t wait for all of the collections to come!

  12. I’m one of those who saw the bag after they were already sold out. I’ve been searching for the right laptop bag for 2 years and once I saw yours, I knew I wanted to wait. I had my heart set on a purple one and admit I was at first disappointed that you didn’t have it. I knew I didn’t want black, so despite being unsure of the color, I ordered Heavy Metal. It arrived today and it’s perfect — comfortable to carry, an efficient use of space, and not too heavy — something I was worried about. I’m so glad I took a chance with the color. It’s a beautiful and beautifully made bag. I’m thrilled.

  13. Ksenia says:

    I think a red bag (like #11 or #7) would be great. I thought for sure you’d have a red bag this time around, after looking at your Pinterest. I guessed black, red and one other neutral color. So at least I got one right. I loved the guessing – nice job keeping us on our toes by giving us hints!

    I knew these bags would only be new colors, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. I had read through all the old posts & knew what to expect. If others didn’t do their research, that’s not your fault, Alesya!

  14. Kris says:

    Hmmm. I have found this dialog very interesting. My 18 year old daughter and I discovered the bags from a Scripps College blogger (yes your ambassador). She headed there this this fall and wanted to rock a great laptop bag. It is an all women’s college and the young women always looked so stylish. She loves the green bag but we both picked up the message that there would only be new colors. So we were somewhat perplexed at others confusion. We thought there would likely be one neutral and one fall color. She will be flaunting her metallic bag by the end of the week. By the way ,it was a late 18th birthday present. I felt that as a young woman she needed her first grown up bag. So now we get to follow your business and are curious to see what the spring beings. Who knows, perhaps I will get one or swap with my daughter. Thanks for sharing the process it’s been fascinating.

    • Alesya says:

      Hi Kris! Nice to hear from you and glad you’ve been following along. Your daughter is such a bright woman. I look forward to seeing her future successes.

      I’m so excited to hear that she will be getting the Heavy Metal bag! I think she will really enjoy it. Thank you for sending it to her.

      I think everyone is anxious to see the Spring colors. The pressure is on!

  15. Emily Fioramonti says:

    So I guess I was not confused, because I totally understood that there would be new colors and not the old ones. I like new! I definitely would have bought a purple one if there weren’t black being offered. But the black was what I really needed. After all, I carry my laptop everyday and cannot always be wearing a purple leather bag, you know? But now that I have a black one on the way, next time around I would be excited to get a colorful model. Anyway, thanks for sharing the thought process here.

  16. Thanks for the explanation, I was one who was confused as well since I basically saw the bag pinned on pinterest and had to track the bag down via google. I just ordered a laptop…yes I researched cute bags BEFORE I actually had the laptop for it lol. Anywho I love brighter colors and would also love one of those reds from your blog photo of swatches. Im leaning toward the black for now.

  17. mary TX says:

    I just discovered this bag and I have to say I was ready to order it right away. So I looked it up and sadly found out that only the black and heavy metal colors were currently avail. I personally wear a lot of black and neutral colors so I like to use my ‘pop’ of color in my belts, shoes, accessories and bags. I’m very much looking forward to the new spring colors so I hope there are some!! I’m tempted to buy the black b/c I really need a bag now…but I have a feeling it’ll be worth the wait:)

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