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Christmas in July


Happy First Day of Summer!  While it’s sunny, hot and humid here in Charleston I’m thinking about Christmas.  As in, whether or not I can place an order for the Christmas season.

Here’s the problem:

As you know, the bags are on their way out of customs.  I’m not sure when they’ll make it to Charleston, but I hoping sooner than later.  If they come at the beginning of next week I can launch the company.  If not, I need to wait until after the 4th of July holiday.

If the bags sell out right away, the decision will be easy.  I’ll place another order the first week of July.  Wendy told me last night that if I can do that they can get the new order of bags on a boat before October 1st.  (Which is good because there is another national holiday in China from October 1st – 7th)

But what if…

The bags don’t sell out?

They sell out after July 15th?

I sell 2/3’s of my quantity in the first week and then only a few?

Should I still place an order and cross my fingers and toes that they get here for the holidays?  And if so, how many bags should I purchase?  You can see my conundrum.

In the meantime I’m waiting to hear the ETA of the first set bags from my shipper.  And you all know how much I love waiting…

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