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Elizabeth Gilbert Winners!


The winners of the Elizabeth Gilbert keynote tickets are:

  • Kristin Martin
  • Marsha Patel
  • Brandy Porter

Congratulations!  If you’d like to be part of future contests and giveaways join Alesya Bags Tribe now.  We’ve had lots of bag talk already.  (PS- thank you for your color choices!)

In addition to our winners I had two women I’ve worked with enter the contest – Erika Firm and Alexa Gould.  Ladies, if you’d like to join us the tickets are on me as a thank you.

If you didn’t win I’d still love to see you next week.  Here’s the link to the Center for Women Conference. Lots of great speakers and a wonderful organization to support.

Now I’m off to ship the prototype, sign a contract and listen to a podcast.  Enjoy your day too.

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