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EVENT: From Maker to Market


distil union j. Stark Alesya Bags Event
My friends at Distil Union are hosting a wonderful event for aspiring product entrepreneurs.  They asked me to join in the fun.  Here are the important details.

What:  From Makers to Market – Three Product Design Stories
Where:  Distil Union – 515 King Street (Upstairs), Charleston SC 29403
When:  May 25, 2016 – Starting at 5:30 PM
Who:  Founders of Distil Union, J. Stark, and Alesya Bags (me, hello)
Why:  It’s complicated.  Let’s discuss.


Lindsay and Nate (pictured above, obviously awesome) went to another event about how to get your product from idea to client’s hands.  Let’s just say it didn’t tell attendees the whole story.  Left Lindsay and Nate pretty darn frustrated.  Feeling like there was a whole lot more to share.

We’re all going to share on May 25.  Our own stories –  the nitty AND the gritty.  Plus we’re taking questions before the presentation so we know just what you want to hear.  Please ask me with anything you want to know.  I’m an open bag.


See you on May 25th!  I can’t wait to talk product.

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