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Fall 2012 FAQ’s


Fall 2012 Surprise! Alesya BagsTime for some frequently asked questions about the new line!  These came from the Alesya Bags Facebook page.

Timing – The shipping company is running behind from their original timeline.  The bags are set to be in Los Angeles on August 27 – 6 days from today.  Then we wait for them to clear customs and ride across the country to South Carolina.  This takes a week to ten days.  Of course, I’ll be hoping for less.

The big issue is this delay runs us right into Labor Day and a holiday weekend.  So perhaps that means I’ll be launching the new bags the day after Labor Day – Tuesday, September 4th.

As I get more info I will let you know.  Trust me, I’m just as anxious as you are!

Wait List – Everyone on the Wait List will get an email the moment the bags are available online.  I might also send out of preview of the colors… but not promises on that yet!  Sign up for the Wait List here.

Colors – My friend Kate and about a million other people want to know about colors.  Here are my hints (don’t forget to check out the inspirational Pinterest board)  and until them my lips are sealed.  For the handful of people who have seen the colors, they have reacted very positively.  I believe you will too!

Version 2.0 Differences – Jeanette asked about this including if there will be more allowance for a 15″ laptop.  The biggest technical difference in the new bag are the zippers.  They’ve been upgraded to YKK and have an easier slide to them.  Another change is the laptop pocket has been moved down within the bag.  So YES Jeanette there will be more room for your 15″!

Pocket Sizes – Nitcha asked about the other pocket sizes.  They will all be exactly the same!  The front pocket can hold your wallet, passport, business cards, sunglasses and pens.  The large pocket in the back can hold an iPad, a book, a magazine or a file folder.  There is also plenty of room for your power cord.  The top pocket is for things like your keys, lip gloss and parking pass.

Price & Payment – Kimberly asked if there would be a price change.  Yes, the price will go up from $265 to $289.  Not a huge jump, but one that will help me with retailers.  Majal asked how she could pay for her bag.  The site will accept all credit and debit cards including American Express.

17″ Bag -A few folks want to know about the progress of the bag for a 17″ laptop.  It’s coming along, but slowly.  The one issue we’re having is how much leather it will take for this size of a bag.  Perhaps the bag will be to heavy.  Perhaps the price will be too high.  These questions need to be answered before I can move forward.

Shipping – Sharon and Genevieve asked about shipping outside the United States.  YES, we will be shipping internationally.  The price will depend on your country and local customs, etc.  You’ll be able to calculate your shipping costs before you check out on the site.

If you are using a freight forwarder, the box size is 18.25″ X 14.75″ X 4″.  The whole package will weight about 8 lbs.

How Can I Justify Buying a Second Bag? – Ha!  I loved this question from Susan.  These new bags will go with totally different outfits than the first set.  Also, if this is a bag you carry every day, having a new one in the rotation might not be a bad thing.

Do you have more questions?  Leave them in the comments section and I’ll make sure they are answered.


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  1. Perhaps the 17″ bag can carry the bag in a vertical position instead of horizontally? This way, it won’t get too bulky. Just a thought. Really wishing for that 17″ incher soon 🙂

  2. Alesya says:

    Nothing that I’m aware of! Card carrying member myself.

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