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Fall 2012 Inspiration


Rashida Jones Social NetworkAs I crafted the Fall 2012 line, I had a certain woman in mind.  She is a woman who is:

  • Confident and tells me her bag desires – leather color, hardware type, functionality needs…the whole nine yards
  • Wearing clothes like this
  • In a career where she has at least one suit in her closet is perhaps a lawyer, accountant, banker, CEO, salesperson, etc.
  • Subscribed to Corporette
  • A mix between Rashida Jones’ character in The Social Network (above) and Elle Wood’s more conservative looks in Legally Blonde (below)
  • Traveling a lot for both business and pleasure
  • Pressed for time and needs to have one go-t0 bag rather than packing/unpacking several
  • Known for getting what she wants

Elle Woods Lawyer Legally Blonde

Having this woman in mind helped me answer every question about the new bags.  Now I’m wondering…is this woman you?

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6 Responses to “Fall 2012 Inspiration”

  1. Nicki McKiernan says:

    I’ve only recently discovered your bags and missed the first season (the kelly green bag is to die for!). I can’t wait to see your new season’s bag and will be crushed if they sell out before I can place an order! I travel a ton for business and have searched for years for a laptop bag that as cute as it is functional and you’ve figured it out. I must have an Alesya bag:)

  2. Laura Betten says:

    I am in the same boat as Nicki! I am a broker and one of my clients had your bag…I almost died when I saw it! I tried to order immediately after to discover they are sold out. I have been on the waiting list for a few months and PRAY that I am one of the lucky ones 🙂 You are FANTASTIC and the fashion world needs more people like you!

  3. Jame (@jameane) says:

    Hmm, well I am sort of your persona. I have a suit, but never really have to wear it. I travel for work, but mostly hate schlepping ugly laptop bags around.

    My style: edgy preppy. 🙂

    My uniform: pencil skirt, colorful blouse and a cardigan or a colorful dress and cardigan

  4. nitcha says:

    i think your bag is timeless with no boundary as to being in a professional career. if you need to carry a laptop with you, whatever career/profession you are in and have at least some sense of personal style, be you a dancer or a doctor, an artist or a stay at mom, this bag is for you. A nice leather handbag will cost you about what these bags are going for, but this bag can accommodate everything you may need, space for your laptop, wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, all the stuff we carry, all in one bag, is there really anything more we can ask for? Lets not limit, or alienate anyone who may covet this bag because they may not fit the ideal woman you had in mind, we can all have one, well, as long as i get mine… Alesya, sorry if i may have overstepped my bounds.

  5. This describes me well as long as you go light on the Elle wardrobe. I live in Chicago but work in Manhattan in a creative field where suits are sometimes required. I’m very picky about my bags. I only take one on the road and it has to be a workhorse. I’ve been looking for the right bag for a year. I was elated when I found these bags, which are exactly what I had in mind (except maybe I’d like an optional crossbody strap, if it wouldn’t ruin the lines of the bag), but crushed to learn they were sold out. Keeping my fingers crossed this time.

  6. Carrie says:

    I don’t fall into the category of having a career that requires a suit in my closet, but when I do go to a client’s location for meetings we are required to be in business casual attire. For me that means dress pants, and a nice blouse and sweater, finished with heels or dressy flats. I love that your bag could transition from that meeting with a client to hopping on a plane to meet my fiance in his city for a date night and I’m carrying a bag that looks both professional and casual and carries everything I need for both trips.

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