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First Bag Update of 2019


Happy 2019!   I’m back from a family weekend in Washington DC, my girls are back in school, the sun is shining in Charleston and the entire state of South Carolina is in a good mood because Clemson easily won the National Championship.

Something I must tell you before we officially kick off the new year –

While going out to dinner in DC, my friend Liz Murphy brought her Vermillion Dinner & Drinks Clutch on our double date with our husbands.  Over Christmas my friend Jen Virga carried her bag with us to our neighborhood holiday party.  Both ladies highlighted their bags by wearing black and gray.  The clutches popped and looked gorgeous on them.

But both times I acted very nonchalant.  Like I’m too cool to be excited.  Meanwhile inside I’m downright giddy and terribly humbled.

Fair warning– I’m actually nowhere near too cool.  Next time I see any of you out with an Alesya Bag I’m going to outwardly act how I feel on the inside.  There will be fawning.  I’m posting it to Instagram because it is a big deal to me.

Jen and Liz, thanks for carrying the and making your clutch look damn good.  It means everything.

Onto the bag update –

There’s a lot of business back story I’ll share this year, but let’s get you up to speed. The sample bag is here.  I’ve carried it for a few weeks and gathered lots of feedback.  Mary Streeter (AB Designer, pictured with me above) has reviewed it and given her feedback as well.  Some points of interest:

  • The overall quality was excellent.  This bag was made by a factory we’ve previously used in China chosen because their work was the best.
  • Your feedback, especially from the original Alesya Bags design, was that the strap needed to be more durable. We’ve been working hard to make the new strap(s) stylish, comfortable, and long lasting.  When you’re a frequent traveler this a major pressure point.  You want it to hold up. We hear you, and we’re making changes.
  • Leather, lining, and hardware choices have been picked but are still pending final approval.
  • Without exception everyone has been surprised by the new bag shape.  Make no mistake – it’s new.
  • This sample is made of PVC (plastic) and the next one will be in leather.
  • We’re working hard to get the next sample done before Chinese New Year– a national holiday in China where factories shut down for about 3 weeks to allow workers to go home.

If you see me out, please stop me.  I’ll be happy to show you the bag I’m carrying.  Just no Instagram pictures….yet.  Happy New Year.

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