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Fuck It


Messy Desk - Alesya Bags

I’m sorry to tell you, that is my desk.  If you look closely you’ll see two sample Alesya Bags, a parking ticket, receipts that need to be filed, DVDs from the Modern Connection and stationary from Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer.

The aftermath of a launch.

A launch that left me pretty drained.  And honestly, I didn’t anticipate it which probably made it worse.  Other launches have left me invigorated and excited.  This one felt like the middle of the roller coaster rather than the end.  I had the release of falling down the first big hill (getting the laptop bags into the country and the site live) and within moments I was already climbing the next hill (selling the bags).

It was an emotional shock.

On top of that the morning after launch I left on a trip to LA.  Like…I stopped working at 11:00 PM, started packing at 11:15 PM, when to bed at midnight-ish and got on a plane at 7:00 AM the next day.  Then I returned to Charleston, then it was 4th of July, then I wanted to spend time with my daughter who I hadn’t really seen in a week then….

You get the idea.

All of this lead me to a paniced email to my coach Jackie that said “It’s like I go to bed every night with not enough done, no food in the house, laundry to be done and not enough bags sold!”  I was behind in every aspect of my life.

She could hear the frustration in my email so we had a call.  “I’m giving you permission to say FUCK IT.”  I was taken aback.  Um…what?  “You know…just say FUCK IT to something,” she explained, “like, you’re just not going to worry about it right now.”

I was dumbfounded.   I never say that.  I couldn’t even come up with anything to add to the list!

“Oh, COME ON, Alesya!” Jackie pressed, “I’m not going to give you this card very often.  If fact, you can’t even use this card too much, or else you’ll go to jail.  But right now you’ve earn it.  What are you going to say FUCK IT! too?”

“Well, I have guests coming this weekend and I’m not going to clean my office.” I finally replied.

“Good, what else?” Jackie asked.

“Well…..I’m not going to reply to emails this weekend.”

“Anything else you just want to say FUCK IT to?”

“In fact, I’m not going to ANY work at all this weekend! FUCK IT!”

Whew.  And that felt good.  I needed the break.  And you know what?  As soon as I let go for a minute, I had two deals come in my other job working for Josh Linkner.  Then on Saturday I sold two laptop bags overnight.  And I could exhale.

Have you ever got to the FUCK IT point?  What did you do about?

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11 Responses to “Fuck It”

  1. Ronii says:

    Oh yeah, Alesya, I have been there! I get so overwhelmed with work and life that I tend to neglect the laundry and have run out of underwear more than once.

  2. Jennie B says:

    This is awesome. I love reading other people’s moments like this because sometimes after I have one of mine, I shrink back into thinking I look like a crazed maniac! Love it.

  3. Amen to that! This post is bold, courageous and dead on. Thanks for sharing your coach’s great advice: a much-needed reminder for all of us.

  4. Liz DeLoach says:

    Jackie is right. Sometimes you just have to step away to regroup and recharge. Tough, especially with a full plate. A question I ask myself when i hit the wall: Will the world continue to turn about its’ axis I don’t do this RIGHT F–king Now? And the answer is always yes…. :). Great post Alicia!

  5. Liz DeLoach says:

    I m sorry ….Aleysa! Good grief.

  6. Cathy Mac says:

    Right on sista…we’ve all been there. I often times want to run away from my own life.

    It’s ok to stop, it’s ok to chill, it’s ok to say “F” IT.

    Look at what you have accomplished instead of what you have not. That is what is important. That is what is awesome!

  7. Saying “F” it to me means I’m paying attention to my mental energy. There are times client work requires a lot of concentration and attention to detail. If my brain isn’t ready, errors can happen. Most of what I need to deliver to my clients is accuracy.

    If you ever want to permanently say “F” it to your books, look me up. I can help!

  8. Nicole says:

    Loved this post because it bought home that we all really do just need a “Fuck IT” day to keep our sanity.

  9. Katie Kozar says:

    Good for you Alesya! I feel the same way. Starting your own business is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever experienced, but as you know it can also be one of the most rewarding.

    Take it easy! One day at a time – that’s all we can do anyways!

  10. lindsey says:

    Aw, I can soooooo relate!!!!! It’s good advice to take some time for yourself. Hang in there! xo

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