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How to Make an Iconic Bag


Author’s Note:  This is the second in a series about why I brought Alesya Bags back.  You can read the first post in the series about my feelings on Kate Spade here.


Once I decided to bring Alesya Bags back, I needed to solidify my why.  It came to me fairly quickly: I still believe – in an Oprah “What I Know For Sure” way – there is a need for a go-to work bag.  THE work bag.  For women who not only hold a traditional job but are working to get something important done.

It’s my goal to create that bag for you.

An iconic bag has three things:

  1. Instant Recognition
  2. Gorgeous Design
  3. Greater Meaning

Let’s test out my theory:

Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap

1.   Recognition:  Quilting and a perfectly symmetrical logo can only mean one thing.

2.  Design:  Coco Chanel added the chain for the modern woman who needed to carry their bag hands free.  The result is a ‘hand’ bag size that looks beautiful on your shoulder.

3.  Meaning:  Carrying a Chanel gives off a look of luxury, class and a certain success of a lady who lunches.


LL Bean Boat and Tote


1.  Recognition:  Yep – you only get that certain manila look American made look from Maine.

2.  Design:  As the original upscale tote, it’s a beautiful replacement for a throwaway bag.

3.  Meaning:  If you want to be known as a wholesome, down to earth, good mom this is your bag.  Don’t forget the monogram and order one for your kids too.



Launer Traviata

1.  Recognition:  London Designer Sam Launer sent Queen Elizabeth her first bag in 1968.  Since then it’s rumored she has over 200 in her closet.  As the one most photographer people in the world, her bag also claimed it’s place in history.

2.  Design:  The top handle is small enough to be carried by your hands and large enough to go over your wrists while you shake hands.  The bold lines both on the bag shape and the flap signal formality only the British can claim.

3.  Meaning:  Besides exuding practical royalty, the Queen literally uses it to signal her staff.  When she moves her handbag from one side to the other she’d like to also move onto another conversation.



I’d even dare to say both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are taking bag advice from the queen with similar top handle styles of their own:



Now I had my formula, but I still needed the components.  What was this great design?  And who would carry it?  Find out more in my next post.

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