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How’s It Going?


That’s been the big question on everyone’s mind – “So you launched this thing, how’s it going?”


I’ve sold a handful of bags every day since the site launched to the Wait List.  I thought I’d be doing better than this, but people keep telling me I need to be patient – ecommerce is a “slow and steady wins the race kind” of a deal.

But we all know how I am about waiting.  Not my strong suit.

I’m very encouraged by the kind of sales I’ve received though.  Customers have been coming from all parts of the country – Detroit and Charleston  of course, but also San Francisco, Palm Beach and Canada.  Also, order have been placed by my friends, but also by total strangers.

Each time a sale is processed I get an email.  There is a real excitement every time I see one pop up in my inbox.  What a fun feeling!


We’ve had a few issues with shipping, but luckily all on the billing side and none on the actual getting the bag to the client side.  It makes me understand why a lot of the larger retailers do a flat fee.  It’s good for clients and good to take a lot of the variable out of the process for the company.  I look forward to doing that one day.

American Express

Working with and Lemon Stand, I thought American Express processing was already included.  Guess what?  Not so much.  I had to call American Express and open a special account just for them.   Good to know.

American Express cards were not being accepted during the soft launch for this reason.  Now that is resolved.  Yea.

Those have been the hiccups thus far.  All in all, I think it’s going very well!  With this long weekend upon us it’s time for me to take a mental break … at least for a few hours.  I hope you’re out celebrating with your family and friends.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with mine.


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  1. As far as hiccups go, I think it could have been much worse! Congratulations. 🙂 For now, I’ve got a bag on my college graduation list…can’t wait to see what else you create between now and then!

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