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How’s the Business?


In the last four weeks I’ve been getting one question more than any other:  How are the laptop bags going?  (Read: How are sales?)  Never one to hold back, I’m ready to dig into the numbers.

2013 ended very well.  From my best holiday season (2011) sales were up 27%.  Total year over year total sales were up 40% on the website alone.  Campo Marzio on King Street in downtown Charleston started carrying the bags and I began selling on Amazon as well.

Women's Laptop Bags - Alesya Bags Technically Green

Black by Popular Demand and Heavy Metal bags both sold out due to a great holiday season.  Many ladies also found In the Cloud and Technically Green on their doorstep.  Since their launch the blue and green bags were neck-and-neck in sales volumes.

Normally I see a huge dip in sales in January.  It’s usually very quiet and I’ve grown to expect it.  Call it the calm after the storm.  (Well, not so much in many parts of the country, but you know what I mean.)

Alesya Bags Women's Laptop Bags on Porch

2014 has been different.  Sales have remained the same as other “normal” months.  With black being sold out, green has taken the lead in sales.  The Hot Spot bags have also jumped up in popularity.  As Spring quickly approaches, its fun to see many of you look to warmer weather.

It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to know this is good news.  Sales are up, the business is growing and we all get to create more beautiful bags.  Would I like it to be going faster, bigger and better?  OF COURSE.  But as my friend and consultant Jordan Broad told me, “This is what opportunity looks like!” AKA: Hard work, organic growth and reinvesting in the company so I can keep 100% of it.

Women's Pink Laptop Bag - Alesya Bags

While my name is on the zipper, I certainly haven’t been doing this alone.  Your feedback on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter continues to inspire and delight.  We’re growing this company together.

Special thanks to clients Gina Shimko, Megan Cassidy and Veronica Steele for sharing photos of their bags.  Gina received her Technically Green bag from her husband for her birthday, Megan’s 2nd bag came in the middle of the latest snow storm (go UPS!) and Veronica’s Hot Spot bag is modeled by her friend Rachel Metscher at the SMS Summit in Las Vegas.

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