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Jim Debetta


Jim DeBettaAs many of you know, my next big goal is to have Alesya Bags in retail outlets.  To do this, you need to get in front of buyers.  While I could go to buyers myself, I decided to get a hired gun.


I wanted someone who knew the ropes.  Had existing relationships.  Could educate me on the process.  Was a pro.  My goal was to find the fastest path to the greatest numbers of buyers.

Enter retail product placement specialist Jim Debetta.

Jim has helped thousands get their products in stores.  He knows the business inside and out.  He’s connected me with professionals he trusts.  And he’s FAST – Holy Toledo.  I’ve never met someone as quick to respond as Jim.

I met Jim at Spark & Hustle last year in Atlanta.  He gave a great presentation about how to sell to major retailers.  After his talk I stalked waited for him in the hallway so I could meet him in person.  At the beginning of the year we officially started working together.

Jim Debetta Spark and Hustle

Jim mobbed at Spark & Hustle

** Side note on conferences – Josh Linkner always told me the goal of attending any event was to make one or two really great contacts.  Don’t get worked up if the entire seminar isn’t perfect for you or the keynote speaker sucked. Josh is 100% correct – I’d go back to Spark & Hustle just to meet Jim again. **

We are in the process of introducing Alesya Bags to stores.  While I’m not ready to share specific progress yet – I’m a firm believer that everything is sales is talk until you get a contract or check – we’ve had some encouraging feedback.

Jim is compiling a list of retailers who want sample bags.  Just like many of you, we’re waiting on pins and needles for the new bags so we can send the samples out!  We don’t want to miss the all important holiday season and have deadlines to hit.

After the buyers see the samples they will decide whether or not to do a test.  This could be anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred bags.  Some of the larger chains might also decide to do regional tests.  I’m open to it all!  As soon as we have a contract in place I will let you know.  Exciting!

I’m proud to have Jim on my team.  Contact him if you’re looking for a great team member too.  Also, Spark & Hustle has expanded it’s reach this year.  Here are the 2012 tour dates – Jim will be Atlanta again.  Very reasonably priced!

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4 Responses to “Jim Debetta”

  1. Beth says:

    That is so exciting! Congrats!

  2. Alesya says:

    Thanks Beth!

  3. Christy says:

    That’s so exciting! I know we do not know each other, but as a total marketing geek, there are few things I love more than seeing great products succeed.

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