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Leather Hunt


Alesya Bags Original Leather
Do you recognize this leather?  It’s what’s left over from my first set of laptop bags.  We packed it up and shipped off to Boston to use for samples.  I also wanted other designers to have it if they need test materials.

The hunt is on for the next leather.  It’s a Goldilocks problem.  One is too hard, one is too soft, one is too thin, one is too thick.  It has to be just right.

Alesya Bags orginal leaher and lining

Two big things I’m looking for today – durability and color saturation.  How will it hold up as you use the bag day after day?  And how will it look on day 254?  I love some wear – it makes the bag look better like a good leather jacket – but I want the right kind of wear.  The kind that makes you look even tougher.

If you’d like to watch the process unfold follow along on my Snapchat account.  You can find me at Alesya Bags.  Have a suggestion or request?  I’ll take those anywhere.

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