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Monday, Monday


Well, it’s Monday and my email is down.  So, I’m not really sure what the status of the bag is or if they’ve cleared customs.  Or if I got my final import tax bill.  Or much of anything really because I live my life on email.

But let’s not dwell.  The email will get fixed, the bags will come and you can bet your bottom dollar I WILL get a tax bill.  (There are some things you can count on!)

Last week I had my head shots redone by the fantastic Charlotte Elizabeth to include the bag.  It was HOT and I was wearing fall clothes.  But we made it work and I look forward to updating my photos when the site launches!

Here are a few of locations from the shoot.

Benches - Alesya Bags

Charleston Shipping - Alesya Bags

Stairs - Alesya Bags

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One Response to “Monday, Monday”

  1. charlotte says:

    i tried to email you and it got bounced back. 🙁 boo. hope it comes back soon!had the best time shooting these – you are gorgeous! xoxo!

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