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Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes


Now that you’ve seen all the bag photos, here’s a full look at what happened during the first photo shoot.

Here we are in downtown Charleston setting up the product shots.  The light was excellent because we had the white background on all sides of us.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

The first location with the model, Alexandra Deom, was on lower King Street.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot
I loved this background when we originally scouted locations, but it just didn’t work in photos.

Why yes, that is my stylist, Charleston Fashionista, Ayoka Lucas.  Her creative eye is simply unmatched.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot - Ayoka Lucas
Even behind the camera, I’m sure you recognize my photographer, Charlotte Elizabeth.

Alesya Bags Photo ShootOur lovely assistant for the day was Stephanie Schmidt.  You can see why she was picked to intern at Rebecca Mincoff this summer.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot
Alesya Bags Photo Shoot
This was my favorite location. The light, the driveway…everything just worked. It was last one of the day and I’m so happy to we took the time to use it.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

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4 Responses to “Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes”

  1. Sarah says:

    What fun!

  2. charlotte says:

    had a blast!!!! can’t wait for the next one! XOXO

  3. Cathy Mac says:

    The photos and website are terrific. I love the close up of the details.
    One suggestion – please add overall dimensions of the bag. I would also love to see how the big pocket looks when it’s open – this will also allow a better view of the interior lining.
    Thanks – best of luck. What a triumph!

  4. Sulamita says:

    I’m trying to decide the colours to pick for the coming sale, and I love how your stylist have a style that any bag looks perfect for her outfit. I also love strong colours. Bad news is, I’m back to stack zero? Eggplant or Tan? So many doubts!

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