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Press Release


I didn’t plan on writing or sending out a press release.  It feels very old school to me.  Isn’t this the age of social media?  Online magazines making traditional print publications very nervous?  The end of television automatically succeeding?

But it’s become clear I need to send one out.  It’s still how most media outlets receive information.  And while I’m not looking for a ton of main stream media wins, it would be nice to have them know I exist.

If I must do a press release, I’ll be doing it my way.

During my time at ePrize we had a huge angel investment round.  Of course, we wanted to announce it but one of the main investors didn’t want to give a number.  As in, he wanted us to say we were taking an investment but didn’t want us to say how much it was.

I put my foot down.

Well, I put my foot down as much as a person who wasn’t exactly sitting in the board room could.  When the investor was at ePrize for a meeting I said to him outside the elevator, “We need a number.”  He replied, “No, no, no…”  Again I said, “Name, we need a number!”

(I know, I’m so brave, right?  My outburst aside, it was Josh Linkner who ultimately convinced the board to let us release the investment details.)

Eventually we did get to say the number – $32 million – and we got the most press on a single story in the history of the company.   Lesson learned:  The media wants all the facts.  All the details.  ALL the numbers.  Fluff doesn’t fly.

In this blog, I’ve been very open about Alesya Bags.  In the press release I plan on doing the same thing.  I’m going to tell everyone how many bags I have, what I’ll be doing with the revenue and how much revenue I hope to make.  It will be the story of a small business.  A truthful one with all the details and no fluff.  A press release the Alesya Bags way.

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One Response to “Press Release”

  1. Dan Rudman says:

    I love this post because it reveals you in a way that is so perfect that the best PR folks couldn’t possibly hope to replicate. While I think Alesya Bags will be a huge success, I have to tell you that even if it does not, YOU are a complete success. Whether it’s the bags or something else down the line, you are destined for good things.

    Keep rockin’ it. Love this!

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