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Raven Satchels in Stock


Good news!  The Raven Work Satchels are back in stock.  It’s my most popular bag and I’m always happy to see it available.  So many times I get an email saying “I have a meeting and I need this bag…NOW.”

Alesya Bags Laptop Bag Raven Work Satchel Womens Laptop Bag

To get a full tour of the bag tune into Facebook Live tomorrow at 9 PM ET on the Alesya Bags Facebook page.  You may view the video demo of the bag here, right now.

Side note:  We’re working to get part of this video up on the homepage of  I’ve seen a preview and it looks…hot.  Like my husband looked and it and said “Whoa!  I’ve never seen that video before.”  (He totally has.  It just looks really bad ass full screen.  In unrelated news, I may need to get a new dress for our trip to Philly this weekend.)

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