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Swimming Pools, Movie Stars


I’m on my way to Beverly Hills.  Rodeo Drive isn’t calling quite yet, we’re going for a wedding.  Before I run out of juice on the plane, I wanted to tell you a fun story from the launch yesterday.

At about 9:45 PM my phone rang.  It was a number I didn’t know so I answered it, “Hi, it’s Alesya!”  The woman on the other end said, “Hi…um…I saw a tweet about your laptop bag…and I was trying to um…order…um…..I’m sorry I just didn’t expect YOU to answer the phone!”


I laughed and said yes, it is ME and since I’m just getting started I’m answering the phone.  The woman was so kind while explaining her ordering problem and we got it resolved over the phone.  Robert and I sent a beautiful tan laptop bag out to her this morning.

The call really made my day.  Here was a client who wanted a bag so badly that she called me the day of launch!  I loved it.  And to the newest Alesya Bags carrier – I hope you love your bag as much I enjoyed getting the call from you.

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  1. That story made smile! I met Ashley Caldwell yesterday and saw your bag! LOVE IT!

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