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The Marketing


My background is in marketing.  It’s not enough for this bag to launch and sell successfully.  It has to be a great marketing example too.  Or even a famous one.  I want a good story to tell.

My go to market strategy is unusual.  Four weeks out here’s the plan:

Social Media: As you’ve noticed, I’m very, VERY active on social media.  I engage Twitter followers, add different content to my Facebook page, check out LinkedIn daily and document it all on this blog.  And this is before I’ve launched a single thing!  My goals are to build anticipation, excitement and interest.  Plus it’s a fun personal diary.

Wait List: The wait list for the bag continues to grow little by little every day.  It’s not only a great way to give clients a little something extra, its a good way to gauge interest.  And interest is good.

Reviews: Once the bags are in I’ll be sending 5-10 to reviewers.  The number one person on my list is Kate Trogvac of Funky, Chic and Cool Laptop Bags.  She will get the first bag and it might even be a sample.  I’ve always trusted and valued her opinion and I know (many) others do as well.

Tastemakers:  I’ll also be sending up to five bags to women who have influence within my target market.  This is more of a “pie in the sky” play, but still worth it.  It helps me “think big” and if one person happens to like it, then it’s totally worth the investment.  Elin has been helping me with this list and we hope the first Alesya Bags tastemaker will be Arianna Huffington.

Media:  I won’t be going to any traditional media except Charleston Magazine.  (It’s a monthly, so anything they might decide to print won’t come out until after the launch anyway.)  Why not go for the BIG win?  I’m not ready.  I need to save my “shots” for when I have inventory to support a national feature.

Blogs:  My goal is to have at least a dozen blog features the day of launch.  I’ve got about 4 slated already, so I’m well on my way.  Bloggers DO have power.  Not only do they have readers, they inspire action.

Charleston Market:  I’d like to be in one store physical store in the Charleston market when the bag launches.  Once I have the final samples and packaging I’ll be making my pitch.  If I don’t have the inventory to support that … what a good problem to have!

That’s the Alesya Bags Marketing Plan today.  Suggestions?  Would love to hear them.

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4 Responses to “The Marketing”

  1. TenaciousECG says:

    viva la AlesyaBags!

  2. ana says:

    you definitely are doing a great job building the anticipation. I cannot wait for this bag (in eggplant of course)! I know it’s going to be HOT! Go A!!!

  3. Laura says:

    You are a master marketer and I can’t wait to watch you soar! Have you thought about adding TV coverage to your goal list? Jacqueline Whitmore (from the Etiquette Tweet-up last year) has done really well with this and I’m sure would give you some insider tips. 🙂 @EtiquetteExpert is her handle…I think you’re already connected!

  4. Dan Rudman says:

    Any doubts about the success of your launch have just been spanked.

    Well thought-out, multi-faceted, and teeth-sinking worthy.

    You are kicking this thing’s ass, Alesya. Can’t wait for launch!

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