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Time for some general updates.   This first one is tough for me, so let’s pull the band-aid right off.

Timing on the New Collection

The new bags are not going to be ready in time for the holidays.  I hate even typing the sentence.  We received both leather and hardware later than expected.  This pushed everything – including samples – back.

In a former life I would have ranted and raved.  Drove myself and everyone around me nuts.  Until someone finally said “You need to calm down!”  And while I’d be nodding in my head I’d be thinking “They just don’t get it.”

But I’ve found that freaking out is a bad idea.  If I did in this case we might have product by December.  In December though you can’t have a big, fun, interesting launch.  And we ARE going to do all those things.  Prepare yourself!

When I told client Vivien Leong on Twitter that there won’t be new bags until after the holiday she graciously replied “Eek!  I’ll curb my holiday spending then :)”   (I just have the best clients.  Period.)  Thank you for your understanding as we go through yet another new process.  It will be worth all of our efforts.



For the last few months, I’ve been dying to put out a podcast.  I’m in love with them.  It’s like radio on demand.  You can listen in the shower, on your run, in the airport, while you’re getting ready….clearly I’m a BIG fan.

My technical progress was slow though and it was time to call in an expert.  Producer and journalist Hunter Boone has agreed to step in and get me up and running.  I can’t wait.  It’s going to be a fun platform where you’ll be able to hear a little more of my personality (plus my Detroit twang) and I can answer questions fully.  We’ll also talk to other folks involved in the Alesya Bags process and hear their thoughts.  My excitement about this can’t be oversold.   Eeeee!

Thanks to Hunter’s vast experience and seemingly limitless energy we’re going to get The Power Lunch Podcast live soon.  It will also be available on iTunes.  As always, you’ll be the first to know the moment it’s available.

Christina Jervey

Metalsmith Christina Jervey

Last week I visited metalsmith and jewelry designer Christina Jervey‘s studio.  W O W.  It’s always amazing for me to see products actually being made by a talented person.  We were having a wonderful, entrepreneurial conversation but I kept getting distracted by all the beautiful fine jewelry.  And home accents.  And housewares!  I just couldn’t keep my head in the game.

I was able to stay focused long enough to ask her to help me create a special piece for Cate.  Just thinking about it delights me to no end.  With Christina’s expertise and creative eye I know it will be something extraordinary.

New Branding

Alesya Bags Business Card OptionsIf you follow Alesya Bags on Facebook, you know I’ve been working with Stitch Design on the re-branding efforts.  We’re close to finishing a new stationary suite which I love and can’t wait to receive.  I was waffling between the two business cards about and decided to go with the black.  In the end, I felt it had more impact.

Stitch will all be designing new packaging.  Right now we’ve got a chicken and egg problem.  I don’t want to do the packaging until we have the final bag (and other merchandise!) ready because I want to be sure it all fits.  But I do need the packaging ready when the new bags are here.  I’m confident it will all come together.


That’s the big update for this week.  I appreciate you taking the time to follow along with this journey.  Your thoughts, questions and ideas are always welcome.  Please reach out anytime.

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  1. Black card definitely makes an impact – great choice!

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