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Why I Went to 5 Nights of CFW


If you’ve never been to this blog before Charleston Fashion Week you might think I’m:

  • A fashion blogger
  • An aspiring fashion reporter
  • A really aspiring fashion photographer
  • The president of the Ayoka Lucas fan club

The real answer is None of the Above.  I’m actually an entrepreneur launching a line of beautiful handbag-like laptop bags at the end of April.

So why did I go to CFW every, single night?

I want to be part of the Charleston fashion community and there’s really only one way to do that – BE part of it.  This week was the perfect opportunity to get involved.  By showing up every night, talking to people and posting photos of the event it said “Hi!  I’m interesting in YOU.  What YOU are doing.  And how wonderfully YOU are doing it.”

Now, do I have an ulterior motive?  Of course!   Being part of the fashion community in my area can only help me with the bags.

One reason I love Charleston is the people.  They are kind, helpful and welcoming.  Hopefully when they see my brand they’ll say “Oh, yeah, I remember her from Fashion Week” and pick up the phone to offer their advice or encouragement.  I’ll be all ears.

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2 Responses to “Why I Went to 5 Nights of CFW”

  1. Cindy says:

    Loved the posts today. Even though I wasn’t there I was happy to be part of it through your pictures. Great professional shots of the details.

    I’m hoping to hear good news about your launch, you have a ton of us waiting to get the bag!

    • Alesya says:

      Thanks Mom! The photos were difficult to get – models walk faster than you think.

      I’m always hoping for good news too. ; )

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