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Your Chance to #WinAlesyaBag


Where will your Alesya Bag go this summer?  This is your chance to travel with a fresh laptop bag on your arm.

Part fashion, part function, this stylish laptop bag has plenty of room for your carry-on comforts. Throw in your sunglasses, a bright summer lipstick, your phone and all the other essentials and still have plenty of room for your laptop.

Interested? Here’s how to participate:

In 140 characters or less, tell me using the hashtag #winalesyabag where you’re headed this summer and why an Alesya Bag would help you get there.  I know you can’t possibly get it all said in 140 characters so feel free to include photos, drawings, or any visual aids that will help your cause.  You’re extraordinary – go ahead and show me. I’m looking for personality.

This is the final collection of this bag design for the foreseeable future, so if you want one, act now. Load up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn with your mini-masterpieces.  Include the hashtag #WinAlesyaBag and you’re officially entered.

Judging Criteria:

  • Creative use of social media
  • Individuality; that certain something that only you have
  • Clearly communicated message about why you want the Alesya Bag


Can I write a blog post and then use the #WinAlesyaBag hashtag to direct traffic to the blog?
Sure you can. Smart thinking.

Should I enter if I already have an Alesya Bag?
Of course! This is a chance to add another color to your collection.

What colors are being offered?
Each winner may pick from Hot Spot, Technically Green and In the Cloud.

What are the dates of the contest?
The #WinAlesyaBag contest runs from May 28 through June 15th.

I really want to win! How many times can I enter?
I’ll accept one entry per day, per person.

How many people will win?
Five winners will be chosen.

Are you only giving away bags?
You know I like surprises.  You never know what kind of rewards might pop up!

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