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Zippers, Samples & Babies


Alesya Bags Package 1Last Thursday, the final piece to the puzzle arrived – the zippers, zipper pulls and interior Alesya Bags tag.  I was thrilled to be able to approve them all.  This is fantastic for a few reasons – but first and foremost, it keeps our timeline on track.  Now the factory can officially move forward with production of the final samples.  A VERY good thing.

I also just received the news that the final samples bags will be in Charleston on or before June 2nd.  This allows me to get the photo shoot scheduled which is a big linchpin in the process.  This includes scheduling my favorite photographer and stylist along with other help since I’ll only be two weeks out from surgery.

Alesya Bags Package 2I also need to find a model or models, scout locations, procure props, schedule hair and make-up folks…the list goes on.  People think this part of fashion is glamorous – but it is not.  The outcome is glamorous.  The rest is just really bleeping important.

The photos are used for everything.  The website, press materials, buyers, print materials, emails – you get the idea.  And you have one or two days to get it right.

People have asked me “Are you going to take maternity leave?”  To which I say “Do the three days I have to stay in the hospital count?”  I’m not a superwoman, or super mom, or even Mom Enough – barf, don’t even get me started there.  Just a business owner who knows things can’t come to a complete standstill because I’m having a baby.

Alesya Bag Package 3Will they slow down?  Of course.  Can I shut down my email and look it next month?  Nope.  And I’m OK with that.  It is what I signed up for.

If you’re on Baby Watch 2012, tomorrow is the big day.  I’m feeling very done and the birth can’t come a moment too soon.  My ability to keep up with work has slowed considerably in the past week and I’ve hand to throw my hands in the air with a few projects.  Big learning from my first child – make your health your first priority or pay later.

When we have any news I’ll post it.  Crazy to think I’ll be increasing my family’s bottom line by 25% in just about 24 hours!

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18 Responses to “Zippers, Samples & Babies”

  1. Rosanna Appelt says:


  2. Kuleigh says:

    This is fantastic! I know we are all excited to see the new samples. Best wishes for you and your growing family! You can have it all, Mama!

  3. Emmie says:

    Hooray for baby and zippers!

  4. charlotte says:

    cannot wait to meet the little peanut!!!!! xoxo

  5. Amanda Bunting Comen says:

    If you need a hair and make up person call my friend Nina at 843.442.6149! I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Congrats and best wishes. Make sure to permit yourself plenty of baby respites so you can enjoy sweet first moments. 🙂 good luck for a healthy and happy delivery and recovery.

    • Alesya says:

      Thank you for all the kind words Jeanette! I will do all those things. The baby is only a baby for so long.

  7. Kelly says:

    Yay for baby!! Hope all goes well and congrats on zippers too 🙂

  8. Ana says:

    Yeah!! can’t wait to hear the baby news! Congrats! you got this super mom!!

  9. Teresa says:

    Wow! So much is happening! I’ve just spent the last half hour catching up! On pins and needles waiting to hear about your new bundle of joy! Wishing you all the best!

  10. Wendy Marinaccio says:


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