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Present Day ePrize

After two and half years, two jobs and living 3,000 miles away from my family on 9/11, I moved back to Michigan.  Driving across the country in my Mustang I wasn’t sad to be leaving Silicon Valley.  At all.

Upon returning, I took a job with ePrize as a Project Manager.  There were 23 people in the company, more than 3/4 of us sat in one room and we met around one table every Friday to openly discuss the business.  I loved it.

We were a tight knit team, fighting against the world, slowly winning with every launch of a promotion.  There was only one problem:  I was never going to be an extraordinary project manager.  Creating and proofing hundreds of spec pages just wasn’t my thing. I spelled the COO’s name wrong on my first document.

My work started to get better, but after about a year I knew it was going to be difficult for me to be anything better than a B+. Then the  following email appeared in my inbox.

To:  Alesya Opelt<>

From:  Josh Linkner<>

Hi.  Could you come by my office?  Thanks.

Josh Linkner



CRAP.  Panic ensued.  What had I done?  I rarely talked to Josh let alone had a reason to go to his office.  This couldn’t be good.

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