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I Didn’t Get It


Ford Motor Company HQ

Ford Motor Company HQ - Dearborn, Michigan

The person in my family who had the big deal job, the one to aspire to, was my grandfather Erich.  He worked for Ford Motor Company eight floors down from the Deuce.  Erich was an architect and designed plants in Mexico, Egypt and Europe.

Originally from Germany, Ford sent Erich to Brussels for four years with my mother and grandmother.  While in Europe they had their housing, living expenses, schooling, two vacations and two trips back to the States paid for – on top of his salary.  My mother went to an international high school and dated a diplomat’s son.

All in all, a pretty damn good deal.

When it was my turn to look for a job, the plan was to find work at big company and climb my way to the top.  After several interviews, I landed a job working for a search engine in California.  My grandmother sent me on my way with one piece of advice “Work like hell.”

In my social circle there was never any discussion about working for yourself or even people who did.  I honestly thought an entrepreneur was someone who was unemployed but didn’t want to admit it, so they said they were working on their own company.

I didn’t get it.

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