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My Apple Story


To get ready for my next meeting with TDIC, I made a presentation of bag ideas on my Mac.  All my work for Alesya Bags would be done on an Apple and all my ePrize work would stay on the PC.  Like a seperation of church and state.

I'm a Mac and I'm a PC

The epic commercial that got me thinking I just might be a Mac.

From the time I starting using a computer I used a PC.  Apple seemed like it was for artsy people only.  Maybe teachers.  PC’s were for serious business folks, like myself.  Moreover, Microsoft was the company of people who worked in offices.

Then I started reading more about Steve Jobs.  Watching his keynotes.  Looking up clips of Pirates of Silicon Valley on YouTube.  Watching Noah Wyle impersonate Steve Jobs at MacWorld.  I realized Jobs was the kind of crazy entrepreneur you couldn’t help but love.

The “I’m a Mac” ads came out.  Now THERE was some marketing I could get behind.  Clever, simple…and no I didn’t want any more viruses thankyouverymuch.  Time to make the switch.

I marched into the gleaming Apple store and announced to the salesperson that I was there to buy a laptop.  Which one?  The MacBook Pro of course.

“What will you be doing with this computer?”  he asked.

“Uploading pictures, browsing the Web, sending email, creating documents” I replied.  (You know, really important stuff.)

“So no video editing, programming or graphic intesive games?”


“OK, so you don’t need the Pro.  This MacBook will be perfect for you.”

He brought me over to the less expensive model.  I looked longingly back at the one I thought I needed.  But wasn’t I an important person?  Doing important things?  Who needed the best computer?

“But what if I want it in silver?” I moaned.

“Get yourself a can of spray paint.”


OK, I got it.  This guy was saving me money and making the best recommendation for my needs.  Plus he was saracastically funny.  SOLD.

This experience gave me the final reason to totally trust Apple.  Now I call people on my iPhone, only purchase music on iTunes, and my husband (who does deal with large files) owns a silver MacBook Pro.  I believe Apple always has my best interest at heart and purchase their products with complete confidence.  And who doesn’t want to work with a company like that?

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