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Am I Going the Right Way?


Yesterday my daughter Dorothy asked to lead the way to the Volvo Car Open – a women’s tennis tournament in our neighborhood.

Dorothy was confident enough to be in front and yet every five minutes or so she’d yell back, “Mom, am I going the right way?”

“Is this still the right way?”


“I think we’re supposed to go down this path – OK Mom?”


“Oh look there’s the tennis stadium!”


Made it!

This is a familiar scene for me at work too.  Sometimes I call my coach in Detroit, “I’ve got two options here…I’m thinking B.  Do you agree?”  Or I’ll talk to my SCORE mentor here in Charleston, “I’m going to ask for a discount based on work done…does that seem reasonable?”    Or over the Netflix glow to my husband, “Can you read this text?  I think Jim has gone off the deep end but what do you think?”

99 out of 100 they each say some version of, “Yes, that’s right now go do it.”  Then I take a deep breath and head out again.

I’m willing to bet a new bag that this happens to you as well.  You’re confident.  You’ve gone the right way countless times.  And yet, you find yourself asking your officemates, bffs and the UPS guy, “Am I going the right way/doing the right thing/making the right choice?”

You’ve figured it out before and you’ll figure it out this time too.  You can ask anyone – but  I’m sure you already know the answer.  Take this as a sign with an arrow pointing straight ahead:  Yes, you too are going the right way.  See you at the tennis stadium for a victory drink tonight.


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