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BRAND: Switchback Brewing Company



Reading what I’m sorry to report is the last issue of Vermont Life Magazine, I found this fantastic quote from Switchback Brewing Co founder Bill Cherry:


IDEA:  Stick to Your Guns

Reading this quote I did a fist pump in the Burlington airport.  YES.  All the YES.  I need Bill’s vision of craft on a motivation poster.

Clients want to be part of your world.  They want you to tell them what is cool, tasty, hot, good, bad, hip and fun.  Customers don’t know the next kind of beer to make – they aren’t the brew master (designer, CEO, tech guru, etc) of your company.

You are! You awesome person you.

If a client is desperate for something I certain they will make a pleading request.  Even then ask yourself, “Is this part of my vision?”  If the answer is no – your answer is no to the request.

Sarah Diaz, beer slinger and partner in the employee owned Switchback Brewing Co.



1.  Say No to Polls:  It’s easy to fall into this trap.  I’ll ask my clients what they want, they’ll buy it then – right?  Maybe.  Remember this famous example – If Henry Ford asked his customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.

2.  You’re Not for Everyone:  You can not, should not and will not to sell to everyone.  Look at poor Coco-Cola, the drink for every man, woman and child.  Now – not so much.

3.  Find Your Visionary:   You need a person willing to climb to the highest Green Mountain to see the vision through no matter how thin the air gets.  It could be you or you might need to follow someone.  Figure it out to reach the peak.  You can toast on the way back down.

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