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FAQ’s aka How’s It Really Going?


Alesya Bags Dorothy Lee Brandy Bag

For the few people who’ve sat in my kitchen lately or who I meet on the street behind masks, the same questions eventually come up.  You should know the answers too.

How are sales?

To quote a local retailer – “slow”.  In fact the slowest Alesya Bags sales have ever been.  With few offices open and travel restricted, plus the economic issues of this pandemic?  It’s not ideal for work bag sales.

Normally this would be horrible news – and it is, with an asterisk. Nearly every retailer is in the same situation.

The most frustrating part is there’s no money to move the business forward.  Rent plus normal operating expenses like internet, warehousing, hosting, etc are eating up the operating budget.  Something as simple as new head shots or professional studio photos seem like a luxury.

We have a roof over our heads, food on the table and my family is healthy.  It’s hard to complain.  2020 is not a time to give up. I’d rather look back and say I worked hard and learned a ton.  Plus I firmly believe for those who make it through there is opportunity on the other side.

How are the eBay sample sales?

Couldn’t be better.  The last one for Summer 2020 is live now.  Every bag has sold above my expectations.  In a world full of no’s, I’m happy to say yes to clients who asked I sell these bags.

When will you open the studio?

My gut says we’ll open on the day after Thanksgiving for holiday pickup.  It’s not the grand fête I imagined, but such is 2020.  The best service I can give you is an easy way to see the bags, gift wrap and a way to keep the  purchase a secret.  It will be a pleasure to see you behind a mask and with a new bag.

But what are you going to do moving forward?

For now, focus on Holiday.  I’ll make my plan public and chart progress here on the blog.  While this is mainly for other business owners and retail minded folks, I know my clients love this kind of insider info.

Everyone is having a sale!  Will you?

Yes.  It’s likely to come either on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Perhaps both?  This is the first year we’ve had a brick and mortar location.  (Ha!  I know, the joke’s on me.)  Our partner Afterpay asks for sales they can share so you may see one there too.

Exactly nobody:  Do you have a mantra for the rest of the year?



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