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Gary Vee: I Finally Got It


If you’re on Twitter, you know about Gary Vaynerchuk.  He’s famous for starting Wine TV (retired this year at SXSW on its 1000th episode) and writing two best-selling books – Crush It! and The Thank You Economy.  Also, he’s CRAZY on twitter and replies to an INSANE amount of people.

Turns out he thinks you should too.

This weekend I watched three of his keynotes and one long Q&A Session.  My favorite was from SXSW of this year.

After listening to him I wanted to learn more.  He’s that kind of speaker – he’s not just inspiring, he inspires you to act.  I downloaded the enhanced version of The Thank You Economy for my iPad.  (It includes audio and video!  Now THERE’S a perfect reason to use an iPad rather than a Kindle.)

I ripped through the whole thing yesterday.  It was that good.  Some of my favorite points:

  • Our grandparents know more about how to treat customers than we do today.  We need to learn how to interact with customers on a one-to-one basis.
  • The concept of “Shock & Awe” – What are you doing to make your customer talk about you?  (Takes the concept of Raving Fans to whole new level.)
  • What to say when someone asks you what the ROI is on social media.  This is a maddening questions marketers have to answer ALL.  THE.  TIME.

He confirmed a lot of what I already have been thinking – you have to “give a shit” aka really care about your customers.  The days of hiding behind the internet are over.  Be transparent!  (Yep, what’s I’m doing with this blog.  Nice.)

There was only point I disagreed with.  In one of his presentations he says if you what to start your own business you should work your day gig from 9-5 and then do your own thing from 5 PM – 2 AM.  I couldn’t do that and if my husband tried….let’s just say he might find the flat screen he watches the Jets on every Sunday mysteriously broken.  (To be fair, this point is from Crush It! which I haven’t read yet.  Guess what I’m doing next weekend?)

Now I get what all the hype is about.  Don’t let all the swearing and New Jersey charm fool you…Gary’s the real deal.  Start learning from him ASAP.  I’m glad to finally be one the right side of Gary Vaynerchuk history.

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5 Responses to “Gary Vee: I Finally Got It”

  1. Teresa says:

    Off topic, but I thought you’d like to see this link and I am too lazy to look for your email address.


    Hmm. I like the words Artisinal Luxury Goods.

  2. Thanks for this rundown on Gary.. His name keeps popping up in my world. Going to have to check him out! And thank goodness your bags have been RELEASED! 🙂

    • Alesya says:

      You are welcome! Yes, I would check him out. I’m actually already reading Crush It! and like it very much too.

      You’re telling me! Waiting to get the ETA to Charleston now. One step at a time!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I have The Thank You Economy in the queue. Glad to hear you liked it! I read Crush It! last fall and loved it. I read it in one sitting and was very inspired. Congrats on getting your bags out of customs! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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