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Charleston Realtor Krystine Edwards Debuts HGTV Show


Move In Ready HGTV Krystine Edwards
This Saturday, May 7, at 12pm ET my friend and fellow Charleston business owner Krystine Edwards’ new show, Move In Ready, airs on HGTV.  The program features Krystine and her husband Ryan.

When Krystine announced she was going to have a show about her career, I wasn’t surprised at all.  Krystine writes a popular real estate and design blog and had mountains of inspiration on her Instagram account.  Not only is she a hard worker, she’s one of those people you seek out at parties.  Always upbeat and positive while telling it like it is.

I had to know more about the show before it debuted.  Here’s what Krystine revealed.

Alesya:  Tell us what your new show “Move In Ready” is all about.

Krystine:  Move in ready is about a couple moving from California to establish their southern roots here in Charleston. They have purchased a house for their growing family that needs a lot of updating. I come up with design plan and my husband Ryan and his business partner execute the renovation part of it.  You may catch me swinging a sledgehammer or two on the show as well.

 A: You are one of the hardest working women in show business, real estate. What is your favorite part?

K:  The entire process is actually my favorite part. I like being part of the search in the beginning helping find a home, then I put together a plan to give them a vision and finally I get to be a part of it on the construction side and see the vision to the end.

A:  A few years ago the market “wasn’t great” – how did you get through that time?

When the market crashed a few years ago I really had questioned my career. A lot of people were not buying, everyone was scared and I only had a handful of sales. I almost walked away but something inside me told me not to give up and to keep pursuing it.  I’ve now been a Realtor for 12 years.

Move In Ready HGTV Krystine Edwards

A: What was it like having a camera crew following you around?

Having a camera crew follow us around wasn’t too bad. Most of the filming was done on the job site so there weren’t people around. However, when we did have to shoot in public places I was a little nervous to run into our friends and get caught.

A:  Give us the inside scoop – is there anything in this first episode we should be looking for?

Ha! Well, I can’t really give you too much information. But what I can tell you is that it’s cool to see what we do to an old historic Charleston home. We really bring life back into this once beautiful property that just needed some love.

A:  Well I’m super pumped.  Can’t wait to see you Saturday May 7 on Noon!  HGTV will be on every television in my house.

K:  Thank you Alesya SO much for your support and for having me! You’re an amazing friend and talented lady!


Alesya Opelt is the founder of Alesya Bags, stylish bags for working women.  Known for laptop bags that look like your favorite handbag.  She’s proud to have many realtors carry her bags when they close on their latest property. 

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  1. Thank you so much for having me! Humbled to be included on your blog! You’re one of the most creative and hardest working entrepreneurs I know! I really appreciate your support!

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