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Chris Sacca Closes Major Deal with Leading Women’s Bag Company


Chris Sacca has been on my radar for a while.  If you follow business news at all, it’s hard to miss him.  He’s an investor in a few companies you may recognize – Instagram, Twitter and Uber.  Both Chris and his companies are part of our collective daily internet conversation.

But I never was really fully invested or even interested.  I mean, great – another white, male, billionaire investor.  How much did I really need another story like that?  Or even I find a reason to care?

Over the past few days though I’ve really Chris Sacca’ed out, including:

  • Watching while he was a guest shark on Shark Tank.  He got in a fight with Mark Cuban and then subsequently did a deal with him on the same pitch.
  • Listening as Chris was a guest on Bill Simmons’ podcast. His most interesting prediction:  Mark Cuban will be the POTUS in 2024 as a moderate Republican.
  • Following Chris (@csacca) on Snapchat while he attended the White House Correspondents Dinner aka #NerdProm

It was that last one that got me.  There were a few celeb cameos, but it was mostly pictures of his wife, Crystal English:

Crystal English and Chris Sacca Snapchat 1Crystal English and Chris Sacca Snapchat 2Chris Sacca and Crystal English 3Crystal English and Chris Sacca 4

In Pussy Posse/Models and Bottles culture, this is refreshing.  Not just a line in a bio stating “Mr. Sacca lives with his wife and three children in Truckee, California.”  An all out declaration.  Adoration even!  Color me impressed and all in on Chris Sacca.

Congratulations Chris.  You’ve closed one more deal, even if it won’t show up on the quarterly report.  All thanks to your wife.  A good lesson for male executives everywhere.

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