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The Beginning of an Empire


We moved.  Sitting at my new desk I’m surrounded by a box of curtains needing to be hung, a mirror propped up against the wall and a stack of warranties.  But it’s easy to ignore the undone parts because the desk is here.

The Desk in my unfinished office

THE Desk

A desk symbolizes and inspires work.  Work being done…GETTING done.  Dragging my parents and husband to a dozen stores I was like Goldilocks of the Low Country.  One desk was too generic.  One was too big.  One was WAY too expensive!  This is a start-up for goodness sake.

In our first ePrize office a lot of people had folding tables as desks.  As we quickly expanded ordering “real” office furniture wasn’t a priority.  People didn’t care because the tables were a symptom of how fast we were growing.  They were a symbol of our success.

Then we moved into our new offices in Pleasant Ridge – a beautifully renovated old brewery. It was filled with new desks, chairs, business cards… the works.

We had another growth spurt and with it came more folding tables.  This time folks were NOT happy.  Having a folding table in such spanking new environment made you stick out.  It wasn’t just about the function of the desk.  It was about how the aesthetic made you feel.

After yielding no results on my retail desk hunt, I turned to Craigslist.  Bingo.  A man one exit up was “ending a relationship” and moving from his large home into an apartment.  His desk was an old library table from Florida.  Not pristine but perfectly functional.  Available for 150 bucks.

This one was just right.  Ahhhh.

As I sit and look over my kingdom (the aforementioned curtains and warranties) I can feel the pieces falling into place.  At this desk the work will get done.  The empire has begun.

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3 Responses to “The Beginning of an Empire”

  1. Cindy says:

    Great to see you so inspired and motivated. Yes, I BELIEVE that you are back into action. The trick is that you have not lost the vision for your dream. It is steadfast and you can do it. We weren’t looking for a desk as much as we were supporting the cause. Keep going…we are always with you. Love, Mom

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