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Working From Home: Luxury or Liability?


I’m worried about working from home.  Going to the office is my idea of fun.  I like the camaraderie, getting dressed up and leaving the distractions of the house.

But renting an office for one doesn’t make sense when that money could go towards something like say…zippers.  So, for now “going to the office” means walking down the stairs.  Here’s how the space looks now:

[wpvideo rw7DmmYm]

Inc. Magazine published a feature in their April issue about the entire staff working from home.  While the author, Max Chafkin, pointed to many positive things about working from home – zero commute time, saving money on lunch/gas, flexibility in schedule –  he ended his article by saying:

“As we finished the issue you are reading and started working on the one we hope you will read next month, it was a relief to settle into our old rhythms and to catch up with our old friends. It also was a relief to know that, if pressed, we could survive without our ridiculously nice offices and still make a magazine. But mostly, it was good to be back.”

Phooey – that’s what I was afraid of.

So, on to the good news.  I can make the office look however I want.  No adhering to the corporate colors or sitting at the standard issue desk.  My current inspiration from the May issue of  Martha Stewart Living:

To see more pictures of my office in construction check out the brand new Alesya Bags Facebook page.  If you have any tips or tricks from working from a home office, I’d love to hear them.  Feel free to post here or on Facebook.

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9 Responses to “Working From Home: Luxury or Liability?”

  1. Charlotte says:

    YAH for your new home office! I can’t wait to use the “Friendship Entrance”.

  2. Cindy says:

    You’re moving forward and it is SO much fun to watch. Have fun, the pleasure is in the process.

  3. Mel says:

    Love being able to hear about your path. 🙂

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  6. jocelyn says:

    working from home is definitely a challenge. it’s nice that you have a dedicated space. that is a MUST. Also, try to find other ways for camaraderie. i try to get out for lunch with others that i know who work from home.

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