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The Clothes Make the Woman


I have 14 pairs of brown pants.  1o of which are only suitable for fall, winter and the beginning of spring in Detroit.

Tomorrow I’m going to Nordstrom in Charlotte, North Carolina to meet with a personal shopper to find some “Southern Work Clothes for a Female Entrepreneur in the Fashion Industry.”  (I know, this poor woman has no idea idea what she’s in for.)

You may think clothes have nothing to do with whether or not I can get the job done.  But I would argue with you all day long.  For now – let’s just say this:  Like it or not, my chosen field is fashion.  I’d better look the part.

While I’m in town I’ll also be heading to IKEA (doesn’t everyone end up there sooner or later?) to get storage pieces for my office.  It’s slowly coming together.  Once it’s finished I’ll be sure to post a video tour on this site.

With all the non-fun business activities of the past few weeks, it will be great to have a Friday of fun.  Look for Twitpics of my escapades on Twitter over the weekend.  I plan on returning fashionable, organized and ready to meet with my (hopefully) new business attorney on Monday.

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