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3 Responses to “Friday, Friday, Friday!”

  1. Cindy says:

    Progress, progress, progress. I love that feeling of accomplishment. You are on the road to success and we’re delighted. Can’t wait to see the logo; just another piece of your identity. Hope we see it next week?

  2. Electra says:

    Hi Alesya,

    Wanted to high five you for throwing your name in the Seth Godin conference pot! I did as well. I’m assuming your name was not picked either, or there would be a blog post with your ecstatic self! Just wanted to connect-I’m a mompreneur from the Upstate. My handiwork can be seen all over cars in the Lowcountry 🙂 Excited to see what you are developing! Be well, Electra

    • Alesya says:

      Electra – And a high five back at you! No, I did not get picked. Perhaps another time! I checked out your site and can see why it is so popular here! Monograms seem to be all the rage. So happy you found me – glad to connect to another entrepreneur.

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