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Best Kept Self: Don’t Make Work Your Everything


Best Kept SelfIf you listened to my interview with founder Shauna Mackenzie then you already know all about Best Kept Self – Shauna’s platform for entrepreneurs dedicated to self-care.  Shauna has a team of contributors for the site and as of this month I’m excited to be part of that group.

You’ll find my writing is from a personal perspective on this site.  It will be less about Alesya Bags as a business, and more about my life behind the scenes.  My goal is to share a story and a tactic I use to make it all work.  Would love to see you over there and tell me how you do it all.  (And don’t tell me you don’t do it all.  I see you out there.  Kicking butt at work.  Raising awesome kids.  Finding time for a drink.)

Today’s post is about how I put fun into my life.  Read my first article, “Don’t Make Work Your Everything” right here.

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