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BRAND: Cremo



Recently my husband brought home some new shaving cream.  It was for him but I found myself drawn to messaging like “Astonishingly Superior” and “Impossibly Slick”.  It wasn’t long before I found a tube for myself.

When I opened the first bottle I was surprised to see this warning label I couldn’t help but notice before I pulled off the silver seal:


IDEA:  Put the message where they’ll see it

Now what could be so gosh darn important – or as Cremo says unusual – about a bottle of shaving cream?  Here are the full instructions:

What gets me is the sentence “Less is best.”  This is a company who makes more money if I use more product.  Yet they want me to use less.

Well shoot, that IS different.  Talk about your trust builder.  It’s the only shaving cream in our shower now.   Good thing Cremo got our attention with a serious warning.



  1. I’m convinced those bathroom in stall advertisements could be at least 491% better.  Make it something I care about right THEN.  Charmin, Thinx and Clorox, I’m looking at you.
  2. Airport charging stations are prime real estate.  No better place to spread the word about your happy hour special or newer/faster/better charging cord.
  3. Think about where your client is looking.  At my gym, REALLY important messages go on the mirror.

Bonus tip:  Finding a great copywriter doesn’t hurt either.  I often turn to my friend Janice for her professional help and creativity.

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